Clearance Certificate

Upon vacating your property, you need to have a clearance certificate issued to you by DIMARCO. This ensures that you have paid all your outstanding DIMARCO bills, and are able to hand over the property to your Property Manager. A clearance certificate can be issued to you within 48 hours (Sun - Thu) once you provide ADDC Clearance Certificate to DIMARCO. If you fail to have a clearance certificate issued to you, then you may be liable to legal actions.

Clearance Process

The clearance process begins with a request from our valued customers along with step 1 mentioned below is completed. Please ensure that your air conditioners have been switched off before you leave your property. Clearance Certificates can be collected from the DIMARCO office or from your Property Service Office.

Below is the step by step procedure for getting a clearance certificate from DIMARCO.

Step 1- A clearance certificate from the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) must be obtained. Please ensure that the certificate indicates that your services are disconnected.

Step 2 - After sending us a copy of the ADDC, a Final Reading will be taken remotely via DIMARCO Network or in some cases by visiting the Meters.

Step 3 - A Final Bill will be calculated.

Step 4 - The Final Bill must be settled in CASH.

Step 5 - Issuance of a DIMARCO clearance certificate.